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I was born March 30, 1959 in Northeast Florida. I was raised most of my life on a farm where I learned to sing on a John Deere tractor. The farm was located on the Florida-Georgia line in a very small community. We attended a small church, where on Saturday nights, there were gospel sings and dinner on the grounds. When my family moved to Hilliard, Florida, where I graduated from high school, I started my own little band at the age of 15.

My father has been a musician for over 50 years. Over the years, my father has written many songs and even played music on TV in his early years. In the 1950's my parents lived in Jacksonville, Florida, where one afternoon a friend of my father brought words to a song over to our house to have my father put music with the words. The song was to be copyrighted. When finished, my father was paid $20. The lady who brought the song words to my father was named Mae Borne Axton, and the song title was "HEARTBREAK HOTEL", Elvis' first million seller. My father received a thank you note from Elvis Presley and a copy of his first album signed. Unfortunately, my sister and I decided, at a very early age, to play frisbee with the album. Oh well, you know the rest of the story. My dad and I think it's kind of funny that he played a part in the composition of Elvis' first song.

Now, I am an Elvis Tribute Artist and everything has now come full circle. I had been singing for 29 years before my mom ever saw or heard me perform as Elvis. I hope to continue singing for many more years.

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